School of Surgery

Clinical Training and Evaluation Centre (CTEC)

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CTEC has become the most established medical simulation training centre in the Asia Pacific region since its inception in 2000. 

It has trained more than 25,000 medical professionals in some 2,000 training courses.


In its nine years CTEC has made an unparalleled contribution to the development, and introduction of training in the simulation modality in Western Australia. 

During this time, CTEC has been the WA hub for simulation-based training and expertise and has successfully assisted the Western Australian public hospital system to build its own simulation training capacity in-house.

Future needs

As an integral part of the School of Surgery within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, CTEC focuses on the future needs of the Australian healthcare system. Over the next year emphasis will be placed on expanding training programs for practitioners and students in the fields of Surgery, Podiatric Medicine and Dentistry.

As well as enhancing its medical and surgical training programmes, CTEC will remain fully involved in evaluation, collaborative research and innovative medical and surgical program development at state and national levels.

We will be offering the Master of Surgery degree in 2010.