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Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery: Fremantle Hospital

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School of Surgery (M704)
Otolaryngology Unit: Fremantle Hospital
The University of Western Australia
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The Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Unit at Fremantle Hospital is committed to delivering excellence in teaching, research and service within the South Metropolitan Area Health Service.

It is led by Professor Gunesh Rajan.

Clinical service and research

The clinical service is supported by research that seeks to achieve the goal of providing a hearing solution for everyone with a hearing problem, not only within the catchment zone but also overseas.

The group has the capacity for additional outreach into the treatment of paediatric patients by working closely with the Hearing Implant Team of Princess Margaret Hospital, which has benefited from the professional dedication of Clinical Professor Harvey Coates and Clinical Professor Francis Lannigan


Professor Rajan is co-ordinator of teaching for the ENT component of the Faculty’s Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree.

Fourth year medical students on surgery rotations learn about ear, nose and throat conditions and treatment by way of lectures, interactive tutorials, web-based material, participation in outpatient clinics and visits to the operating theatre. Both paediatric and adult conditions are covered in the curriculum.