School of Surgery

Orthopaedic Research Unit

Orthopaedic research into osteoclast chondrocyte and tendon biology has gained the group an international reputation.

This is evidenced by many peer reviewed publications, patents, lectures at national and international meetings. The Orthopaedic Research Unit is under the leadership of  Winthrop Professor Ming Hao Zheng and has extensive collaborations with local, national and international experts in the field.

The research has been in progress since 1991 and the discovery of novel genes, pathways and regulatory schemes has been recognised at national and internationals level by way of invitations to establish similar research projects overseas or serve on expert advisory panels.


Past and present research interests include:

  • investigating the pathobiology of cartilage and osteoclast
  • GMP Laboratory for cell culture and biological product manufacture
  • investigating molecular signalling pathways and transcription programme of osteoclast differentiation
  • investigating membrane trafficking in bone-resorbing osteoclasts
  • facilitating the development of therapeutic drug targets for the treatment of bone diseases 
  • tissue engineering in orthopaedic application
  • scaffold development in regenerative medicine
  • development of Matrix-induced Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (MACI)
  • development of autologous tenocyte therapy


Our work has been supported through the award of NHMRC project grants. 


We have research collaborations across Europe, North America, China and Japan.