School of Surgery

Research Methodology

The current focus of our research is critical evaluation of the surgical literature.

The main emphasis is directed towards the publication of a textbook aimed at surgical trainees and juniour surgeons. Its content is being based on a review of more than 1300 original articles published in 20 surgical journals covering specialty interests.

Under the leadership of Winthrop Professor John Hall this group has had extensive experience conducting clinical trials.


The group’s past and present research interests include:

  • critical evaluation of surgical literature
  • antimicrobial prophylaxis after abdominal, cardiac, prostate or vascular surgery: clinical trials
  • prevention of pulmonary complications after abdominal surgery: clinical trial
  • enteral glutamine in critical illness: clinical trial
  • surgical education
  • methodological standards in surgical trials.


Literature reviews are being performed to document specific issues - and these are being published as original articles, editorials and media reviews within the ANZ Journal of Surgery

Recent manuscripts have addressed:

  • use of comparative statistics
  • nature of surgical review articles
  • use of minimal useful differences when estimating sample size
  • rise of RetroPro studies (studies that prospectively collect clinical data and then analyse the contents retrospectively)

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