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The Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Unit plays a leading role in clinical service provision and academic activity.

It is the busiest Head & Neck Cancer Unit in the state and in conjunction with PMH and RPH performs the majority of oncological-neurotological skull base surgery and complex ear surgery in the state. The recent inclusion as one of the 17 leading hearing implant centres in the world underscores the Unit’s role as a centre of excellence in the area of hearing restoration and hearing implant work.

The paediatric group of the Unit is the busiest in Australia and has evolved into a benchmark centre with regard to paediatric airway management, aboriginal ear health and neonatal hearing screening. The different groups of the Unit focus on various research areas: the FH group runs research projects in the areas of stapes surgery, skull base surgery, hearing implants, head & neck imaging, head & neck cancer and voice rehabilitation; the PMH group investigates the various aspects of genetics & pathogenesis of chronic otitis media, the health economics of aboriginal ear disease and outcomes research in paediatric airway interventions for malformations and OSAS. 

The Unit consists of members from all WA teaching hospitals, thus ensuring wide representation of otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons and members of affiliated health sciences. The representation of various specialties within the group, such as neurosurgery, neuroradiology, audiology, balance physiotherapy and speech pathology ensures a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach for the clinical work and research.


The group’s research interests include:


  • skull base surgery, QOL and outcomes
  • piezosurgery in skull base surgery
  • surgical outcomes, head and neck surgery
  • phonosurgery, QOL and outcomes
  • stapes surgery, development and outcomes
  • middle ear implants, development and outcomes
  • cochlear implantation, development, outcomes and rehabilitation for standard, partial and single-sided deafness
  • DWI-MRI-Imaging in Otolaryngology Pediatric OSAS and Public Health
  • pediatric OSAS and public health
  • indigenous ENT health
  • validation of telesurgery

Basic Science:

  • hair cell protection
  • biofilms in otolaryngology
  • coupling in middle ear mechanics
  • nanotechnology in otology
  • temporal bone development and Eustachian tube function