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As well as postgraduate teaching in the discipline of physiotherapy, this group evidences a strong research focus in the national priority area of rehabilitation.

The study of pathoanatomy and biomechanics of the spine is the major research focus of Winthrop Professor Kevin Singer who has an extensive collaboration across the university and health campuses, in clinical orthopaedics, imaging and bone science. Associate Professor Peter Fazey similarly is engaged in investigations of the mechanics of the lumbar intervertebral disc, employing laboratory based studies along with clinical MRI examinations.

Neurological rehabilitation is the critical research domain of Associate Professor Barby Singer who has a wide collaboration across many areas of adult neurology in Perth. The investigation of the efficacy of Botulinum toxin type A is an emerging research focus.


The group’s past and present research interests include:

  • influence of age span and degeneration on lumbar intervertebral disc mechanics [MRI]
  • clinical outcomes following lumbar microdiscectomy and the use of DIAM augmentation
  • non-invasive determinants of osteoporotic fracture risks
  • electrical stimulation and bi-manual training to assist recover of upper limb after Stroke
  • efficacy of Botulinum toxin type A injection as an adjunct to the rehabilitation of chronic patellofemoral joint pain

Higher degrees by research, or by coursework and dissertation, are offered to qualified physiotherapists wishing to extend their knowledge through fundamental or clinical studies.


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