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Wound Healing Research

The major focus of the Wound Healing Research Group is research into the prevention and treatment of chronic venous leg ulcers.

Under the leadership of Winthrop Professor Michael Stacey, the genetics and molecular pathogenesis of this condition are investigated in projects undertaken within the research group and in collaboration with interstate and overseas researchers. 

The research benefits from a multi-disciplinary approach, with input from clinicians, scientists and health professionals of various disciplines.


The group’s past and present research interests include:

  • genetic susceptibility to venous leg ulceration
  • clinical and genetic risk factors for the development of leg ulceration after deep vein thrombosis
  • measurement of leg oedema using high frequency ultrasound
  • high frequency ultrasound for assessing post-thrombotic syndrome and monitoring compression therapy in chronic venous disease
  • evaluation of sub–bandage pressures in compression therapy
  • evaluation of a novel vitronectin:growth factor complex for the treatment of chronic venous leg ulcers
  • study on factors associated with sitting acquired pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury
  • inflammatory mediators, growth factors and proteases in venous leg ulceration
  • iron and free radicals in venous leg ulceration
  • cellular immune system in venous ulcer healing.


The research has been supported by successive NHMRC project grants, the Department of Health WA and also industry sponsorship.


Clinical trials of potential new treatments are undertaken in collaboration with industry.


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